Lay Employment Support

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Contact Details:

Telephone: 01274 442671 (Melanie Walsh)

District Lay Employment Team:

  • Melanie Walsh is the District Lay Employment Contact – the first line of support for all lay employment queries;
  • Liz Vere of Silver Consulting (Human Resource Partners) Ltd, acting as the District Lay Employment Advisor, provides HR consultancy advice and support where required.

When to contact us:

Employing bodies within the District should contact us in the following lay employment situations so that we can provide guidance and support, and arrange for the approval of the Lay Employment Sub-Committee when necessary:

  • Creating or advertising a new post (please liaise with Melanie to ensure you have current versions of the District approved recruitment template documents);
  • Extension of probationary periods;
  • Advice on any aspect of existing terms and conditions of employment, pay rates, Methodist Church lay employment policies;
  • Any changes to existing terms and conditions of employment including hours changes, extension of fixed term contracts;
  • Church mergers if any of the merging churches has lay employees;
  • Any termination of employment situations, including resignation, disciplinary, redundancy, ending of a fixed term contract;
  • Any employment disputes, such as situations involving a disciplinary, grievance or relationship difficulty.

Service Levels:

In all of the above situations, we would request that you contact us at the earliest opportunity so that we can provide you with the best possible advice, support and the highest level of service. 

Our service level for responding to queries from employing bodies is 7 days at the latest.

Lay Employment FAQs:

Please click here to download some lay employment FAQS which have been answered by the District Lay Employment Team.


Any feedback on the lay employment service would be gratefully received via email at

District Lay Employment Contact
Melanie Walsh
Tel: 01274 442671

District Lay Employment Advisor
Liz Vere