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Safeguarding is something that concerns everybody within the Methodist Church, because not only is safeguarding everyone’s responsibility, it is at the core of our faith and the mission of the Methodist Church. The Methodist Church believes, along with the whole Christian community, that every single individual has value and dignity, which comes from the creation of us all in God’s image and likeness. Therefore, we have a duty to protect people from harm.

The Yorkshire West District is committed to the work of safeguarding and we are proud of the principles embodied in the Methodist Church’s policy. It is our hope that safeguarding is undertaken with a smile and that those who need help will feel respected, listened to, and understood. We also hope that, even in the most difficult of times, a place of safety and support can be offered to create safer spaces for all.

If you have a concern, please contact our District Safeguarding Officer, Emma Goodley, whose contact details appear at the bottom of this page.

Please click here for a copy of the District Safeguarding Policy 2023-24.

Safeguarding Contribution to the Winter Newsletter 2022 – NWG Network

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Safeguarding Officers

District Safeguarding Officer
Emma Goodley
Tel: 07743 006413

Asst. District Safeguarding Officer
Laura Tunnacliffe
Tel: 07354 862617