Revd Naomi Kaiga elected Co-Chair of the Committee for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity

We are delighted to share that Revd Naomi Kaiga, Presbyter in the Aire & Calder Circuit, has recently been appointed Co-Chair of the Justice, Dignity and Solidarity Committee of the Methodist Church.

The Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity (known elsewhere as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) was adopted by the Methodist Conference in 2021, and sets out our intention as a Church to celebrate the rich diversity of people within the Methodist Church; to eradicate all discrimination, and treat all people justly and with dignity across the breadth of the Methodist Church; and for a profound change in the culture, practices and attitudes of the Methodist Church so that all people are able to be full participants in the Church’s life.

Naomi has served in the Methodist Church since 2001, and in the Aire & Calder circuit for 14 years. She is passionate about valuing all people and nurturing behaviours and environments which treat everyone with dignity. As Co-Chair, Naomi will have a role in guiding the Church’s ongoing development and implementation of strategy recommendations, also shaping future phases of our Justice, Dignity and Solidarity work. She says, “I passionately believe that every person should be treated with the same dignity that God accords them. We seek justice for all and stand in solidarity with all who have experienced injustices.“

For more information about the Justice, Dignity and Solidarity strategy, please visit:

By Emily Smith


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